Make today the day you train something new

That day you train something new. Because you can. If you work on something, chances are you could build it yourself.

And it helps to believe it. You’ll never make a product if someone else already has everything you need. You don’t need an iPhone to run a business. The same was true for the Internet when Steve Jobs unveiled the original Apple Mac. Anyone who had an Apple II could run a business like the one they’d always had before. But Apple didn’t invent the Mac. It just ran it.

🌍 👣 🐋

It’s one of those things that worked because there was a demand. Now, it’s just like that. But maybe now there’s a lot more demand. And maybe it’s going to be so big that you could actually make it yourself. That day you train something new. Because you can. The same is true with products and business. This year, I was in Los Angeles, and I was waiting for a flight to San Francisco. I kept thinking about things I could ask in a business meeting after the business meeting: “You have to build this iPhone app?” “Yes.” “You have to build it on the Web?” “Yes.” “You have to build it in Objective-C?” “Yes.” “You have to build it in Ruby?” “Yes.” “You have no idea what you’re doing, right?” Yes, I do.

run a business

I know what I’m doing — not just because I’ve written books and I know the basics of programming, but also because I have made a lot of mistakes. And not in a way that has destroyed me – but in the way that has saved me time, energy, and money. I get to learn from the mistakes I make and become for fit and stronger.