In order to make a change you have to believe it

When I first started taking steps towards improving my situation I was very determined.

All I had to do was start a daily exercise journal. I had to start it the very next day. I was determined to improve things until I achieved the results I wanted to see. After I’d been reading about the effects of exercise on the mind/body for a few weeks I tried it. And I could tell I wasn’t really feeling it.

❤️ 👧🏽 👌🏾

It was a short term improvement, and I thought well maybe I should try it again in a few weeks or so. That’s when I decided to try it again, but in the morning and not the evening. I made one commitment and another. By that time I’d been doing an exercise journal of every single day for about 7 weeks and had already improved as much as I realized. But I’d set the goal of improving as much as I could and the small steps I took in the morning had already made that goal a reality.


I don’t know about you, but I am totally convinced that the only way I am going to change my situation is to make a change for me. Not only do we have to believe the outcome of that change will be good, we have to believe it will be good for us, and believe others will see it that way as well.